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The food forward, every time someone walked by the restaurant, the girls laughed. After a few glasses of wine, I started to get warmer than normal, and I reached under the table and opened another butonns of her skirt, oh God - was his favorite pants, now everything is visible, even laughed, I like? Is not it master smiled and leaned forward opened two buttons of her blouse and -oh, God - you can re- sed wait to get to the dungeon, that his thirst, then show they are all gone ! Oh God - a dungeon,,,, The meal was over, I think the best is an old man of itsallgay the swamp, the look was totally under the table, I saw the indescribable look of disbelief on his face when he got a picture to view. M called the waiter and paid / ordered a taxi. Taxi, sir, we get out of this type, because this girl's panic, to arrange the buttons? ? Strictly NO i sed, chin up and pround Gubbins. We have opened our coats for us, her skirt almost completely, as we must. In the taxi - distance toAssociation. The taxi itsallgay stopped at the end of the road to prison, got out, took me under his coat and went in the direction of the association, - some from the other direction I was looking on the line. in the club, Fred was at the desk with his moll, wearing itsallgay a very low cut to reveal her breasts and most wore his collar. He knows us. And oh boy Mikael thirst instantly calling his team - and is that? He looked at the girl - I say your name I said, pointing to his dog tag - there was a brief silence and doubt - will, be itsallgay i its momentum - Hotcunt - sed - Fred will not falter, he wrote there in the computer - his eyes were opened less than Hotcunt tho word. Hotcunt is about 18 - sed fred - certainly thirst M, 19, in fact, I - M paid the entrance and went to the stone looks in jail. M gave me his coat and went to the bar - pointed out the closet - go and get ready - ready to go back and beautiful. IWhile the girl in the locker room - Look, I have told the club is just give us a masters and mistresses have - OK, that sed Do not talk without permission - got it - OK I pulled her blouse she was topless and took the skirt, she looked great - black shoes, keep stockongs, collar and leash and a nervous smile. Then I was ready - no buttons Bolero showing my tits, I opened my belt and pulled my skirt up pussy / pubis were fully visible, and then put the new belt. took a comb and knelt before her and combed her pubic hair. Now I comb I said - what he did. - What do you think Shirly, I asked the wardrobe girls lesbain - all is well -Oh, yes, I cried absolutetly thirst with hunger delicious looking itsallgay students. I I n som Lunches NEOC in a leather itsallgay bag (later, most of the thesis ) take your dog and took it to the club, head up, i thirst for pride 's my girl - Yes Mom - Mrs I whispered - Yes Mistress went to M n in the barShe bowed, as I had said no, Do we have eyes please master, I asked - so georgeous that sed itsallgay four beautiful tits, pussies two - in turn, ordered, and two asses. Now, the night begins in earnest, be a student, right? Yes master, answered calmly. I could tell by the look in her eyes and her face that she really became - who had found each other - for the itsallgay first time - a real submissive exhibitionist.... S soon, the night in jail
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